This website started as a Hipstamatic blog, dedicated to delving into the ins and outs of all the film and lens combinations that the app has to offer. But then a few things happened. For one, Hipstamatic has continued to expand and expand, making the concept of lens/film/flash combo charts unrealistic and unhelpful. Nowadays the best we can do is go out and shoot using whatever of the hundreds of combinations we happen to choose that day and show off our best stuff.

The other game changer is hardware. As much as I love using Hipstamatic, my device is an iPod touch, and the quality of its camera is a disgrace. It was great and all, but then I bought a smart phone with a decent camera…an LG G2X running Android, and hence not running Hipstamatic. I have had to expand my horizons, making use of apps like Camera360, Pixlr-o-matic, and now Instagram (thanks for that, by the way). And I also just acquired a new Canon pocket camera with a few fun features, so who says that should not be included as well?

So you’ll probably see the design of this blog continue to morph…becoming less Hipstamatic in a literal sense, and more about embracing this new and fun experiment of the day in digital photography: wacky, behind-the-scenes filters that make pictures look neato. Rather than trying to help you figure out how to better use Hipstamatic, I’m just going to put out an offering of shots that caught my eye for one reason or another.


All photos are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. You can use and modify them for non-commercial purposes as long as you give credit to HipstaKindaDay, but for commercial use you must obtain permission from the author.

Creative Commons License


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